It can be hard to find a job with a bare resume. We’ve searched the web to find reputable courses that will help bolster your resume with up-to-date and relevant skills, all for the low price of FREE. These courses will help you navigate the job market and make you a valuable asset to companies.




Know the difference between HTML and Java? If you are looking to work in a tech-driven industry, then coding is a must-add for your resume. offers free courses for beginners looking to get a basic understanding of coding and web development. Like millions of others that have gone before you, you can get the fundamentals of coding down.


Social Media


Almost every business nowadays uses social media to connect and communicate with their customers. It’s also how they advertise, market their product and services, and increase website traffic. With each passing day, professional experience with social media becomes more important to hiring managers. While you may have your own profiles on these platforms, using these platforms for a business is slightly different. offers a free email course that gives 25 daily “lessons” in under 10 minutes. Understand how to build a brand, create content, and social media algorithms to attract audiences. Different social media platforms also typically offer courses that teach you the basics of how to market to their users.




SEO – or search engine optimization – is the act of optimizing website content to increase traffic and visibility. It is vital for any industry and is a valuable skill to help brand yourself, as well. can help you learn SEO and boost your resume with their free course SEO Tutorial for Beginners. In this introductory course, you will learn about keyword research, on page and off page optimization. HubSpot and Google both offer introductory courses as well.


Learn Another Language


Knowing another language, or multiple, will always rank high on an employer’s list of desirable skills, and it is especially valuable for any international business. The ability to communicate effectively with your prospective company’s partners oftentimes can be enough to push you ahead in the employment race. Learn languages like German with for free in just five minutes a day with their fun, game-like lessons. It also offers lessons that cover a wide range of languages including Spanish, Italian, and Dutch.




For most any creative industry, basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is a minimum. The creators of Photoshop, and other design applications including InDesign and Illustrator, teach beginners the basic principles of the software with useful videos, and (you guessed it) it’s absolutely free. This course can be completed in just over five hours at