Our Story

Our names are Kieran Hawson and Mason Musich, two University of Northern Colorado students who hated buying textbooks as much as everyone else. So we decided there had to be a better way than shelling out $400 at the campus bookstore. Being Biology and Business majors, respectively, we have had to purchase some pretty expensive textbooks, just like you. We were tired of how students are forced to pay high prices for a textbook that was only useful for one semester. So we created BookBuddy, an e-commerce platform that allows you to connect with students at your campus and buy/sell those textbooks you haven’t used since history class freshman year. Feel free to browse for any textbooks you need, or post any of the textbooks you’ve been looking to pass on. We’d love to have you join our community so that we can help you get the textbooks you need for less! And fellow Bears, if you see us around campus, feel free to say hello! Skooooooo Bears!

Kieran Hawson, Co-founder

I’m Kieran Hawson, a Junior at the University of Northern Colorado where I am majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. I spend the majority of my free-time doing plant research, playing basketball in the rec center, or being outside backpacking or hiking.

Mason Musich, Co-founder

I’m Mason Musich, a Junior at the University of Northern Colorado, majoring in Marketing and minoring in Economics. In my off time I am either outside or spending my time with everything sports related.