Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy books on BookBuddy?

Make an account and then search for your textbook. Once you find the book you are looking for, make an offer to the seller. The seller can either accept or decline your offer. If they decline, they have the option to also send a new offer which you, the buyer, can choose to either accept or decline. Once a party accepts an offer, the buyer decides if they would like to pick up the book in-person or pay to have the book shipped to them. If in-person, a location, date, and time can be chosen by the buyer.

What if I pay for a book and the person doesn’t show up?

In the unlikely event that someone does not show up when the book exchange is meant to occur even after using the phone number they have provided to contact them, please contact BookBuddy and we will reach out to them on your behalf. When BookBuddy’s “Terms and Conditions” are breached during a sale, please contact us and describe the incident. BookBuddy will then contact the guilty party and make sure the breach was not just a misunderstanding. If we cannot reach the party, or they refuse to comply, BookBuddy will suspend their account indefinitely.

How do I get paid?

By using Stripe, BookBuddy payments can be sent straight to a debit card/bank of your choosing.

How should I determine the starting price of my book?

One of the best things about BookBuddy is our price negotiation system. This system keeps textbook prices low for everyone and offers students the maximum flexibility when purchasing textbooks. In order to determine the starting price of your textbook, look up your textbook online and on BookBuddy to see how much it is selling for. With BookBuddy, you will never pay for shipping, so this should bring the price down slightly. Because of negotiation, expect it to sell for slightly less than your posted price.

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